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Noah Cochran

Oh, I watch some BookTube too! I especially like Merphy Napier, though I have watched some others. I’ve found it to be a great help in picking out common flaws in books and getting some other opinions from people who read different genres.

Merphy is easily one of my favorites. 🙂 Her Dear Author series was awesome, I actually took a bunch of notes from it.

LOL, you’re succeeding XD I can’t make any hard and fast promises, but at this point, I’d like to beta-read it someday

Oh, you don’t need to beta read, but I’m at least gonna try to convince you to read it once I publish it. 🙂

Totally random question, but if I type something up in google docs, and then pace it into SE, it gives it a bunch of tags. Do you know how to stop that? Would the paste without format option work?


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