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You must, and now I shall tout her praises all the more.

Thank you 🙂


LOL, btw she ALSO wrote 15412 words in a week AND finished her first draft AND is revising her first book WHILE drafting the second book in that series WHILE plotting the third WHILE drawing gorgeous art AND learning medieval hand-to-hand and sword fighting stuff!!!!!
*whistles happily and walks away until someone comes to ask if I know any more of her accomplishments which, I do :DDDD*

Thank you, y’all are so sweet 🙂 <3

LOL, am I really working on that many things at once?? XD It actually works really well because I can work on something to procrastinate on something else so I actually get stuff done XD Also, that 15k in one week was a once-off XD I’ve been floundering with word counts as low as 1000 words a week so… we all have our ups and downs and I’m in a down XD

I’m really looking forward to hopefully doing NaNo so I can get that first book revised and move on!

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