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My sincere apologies for not responding sooner! Got caught up with other things and also had no motivation to respond when I saw all the emails in my inbox…LOL!! But I’m here and existing now.

Don’t worry about it! I know the feeling XD

Oh…my…XD I feel the pressing need to be concerned…and yet I also don’t. XD

Don’t worry, they’re cool XD Mostly. I mean, there was a tiny bit of murder but it was in the Villains’ Castle so… *Shrugs* what can you expect? XD

As for Liorah, she threw her boots at several annoyances, made elaborate threats, (including but not limited to strangling a castle with its intestines) and got on with her day XD That’s… pretty standard behavior. XD

I actually LOLed upon reading about your MC…I’m sure she’s nothing like you though. (Right? Right? XD)

LOL, I’m glad I made you laugh! Is she like me? …No. Yes. Not really but kinda? I am all my characters and none of them. They are all parts of me but none of them is a whole. I relate to all my characters in a different way, which is what makes them fun to write 🙂

I’m actually not at all like Liorah in many ways. I think the stuff she says, but she has the guts to actually say it XD As for the ‘rushing into danger’ part, nope, not me. I overthink. Everything. XD

Your synopsis (or elevator pitch…new term I’ve learned   ) sounds more sophisticated than you made it sound like. XD Oh, well, that’s the beauty of stories and hiding things from readers!

Thank you! It’s both more sophisticated and less so XD The two writing moods are: “Beautiful, flowing prose, vivid imagery, heartwrenching scenes, deep characters–” and “Can I write yeet? I want to write yeet here. It belongs here.”

Yes, they are stunning! A lot more modest, too, than today’s typical fashion…Nowadays, it’s Crocs, sweatpants, and oversized hoodies…And a phone in the hand, possibly accompanied by an airpod in one ear. A steel-boned corset…For a moment, my brain transferred that as a corset made of bone…Oh, my. XD Again, I have learned something new!

If anyone wears Crocs in public, I’ll whack them over the head with them XD

Oh, I forgot that not everyone sews XD Boning is the term used for strips of reinforcement sewn to a bodice or corset to help it keep its shape! (used in strapless dresses, among other things) Nowadays it’s made from plastic, but the term comes from that it used to be made out of baleen, which people thought was whalebone. (It’s… not, but tell the Victorians that XD)

Actually, even baleen-boned corsets are fairly serviceable as impromptu armor, at least against a knife XD It depends on the spacing on the boning, with a more closely spaced bodice being more effective, but it’ll definitely make a difference! And you have to take into consideration how many layers the Victorians wore, so this concludes my essay as to why a Victorian lady is less likely to die from being stabbed or cut. XD

Yes, I think it’s ESFP…LOL! I’ve discovered a good few writers now who are introverts….*jots you down on that list*

LOL, I’ve found the same, but there are several extroverts roaming around these parts!

*heavy breathing* You…drew..*vocal inflections spike all the way up to squealing and squeaking* THAT?!? HOW AND WHERE AND WHY AND WHEN AND HOW AND WHAT AND HOWWWWWW?!?

I’m going to take that as the highest of compliments! *Sweeps into an elaborate curtsy* Thank you!

Now, I will answer your questions in chronological order!

Yes, I drew that. XD

How? With my hands, of course. XD (though an art program and a drawing tablet were also instrumental XD)

Where? On the computer, at my desk.

Why? Because it was very fun and I had the idea that wouldn’t get out of my head, and because I want to go to art school one day.

When? A few weeks ago! I have since finished the rest of the three picture series! I was practicing my visual storytelling and I’m quite satisfied with the result!

And.. now you’re repeating questions XD Oh, you didn’t mean this literally? XD

LOL, I use “XD” and “LOL” a lot…in case you haven’t noticed…LOL! Life would be too boring without that XD or LOL. LOL XD

LOL, don’t we all!? I can’t have a proper internet conversation without it XD

Thank you!   My MC…*has to think about my MC even though I’ve been with her for over a year* She comes from a rather broken background, with not much history about her father; so she feels lacking in that area. Relied on practically every day to take care of her six younger siblings while her mom works; so I’d also say she has a lot on her shoulders. Gets defensive and wounded easily because she gets accused of things constantly. (I have to develop her more, as you can tell. XD This story was inspired by someone I know who’s gone through not exactly the same situation, but a bit similar in certain aspects; I won’t reveal them though for her sake.)

Wow, she sounds so interesting! I love the plot you’re setting up, it has a lot of potential, and I can’t help but sympathize with her!

Ooh, The Red Ribbon immediately got my attention!! I tried writing a novel set in Ravensbruck, the only female concentration camp. The story was from the perspective of a young Polish girl sent to the camp with her mother and younger sister, and she meets someone who teaches her what forgiveness and love truly is when my MC had absolutely none. I never got around to adding more to it though;  spent a bunch of time doing research…LOL!

That’s awesome! I think you’ll really like The Red Ribbon then, it has a kinda similar premise! And the writing craft is *Chef’s kiss* It’s really beautiful and original, and the author used a bunch of really cool techniques relying on color and imagery. For example, there aren’t chapters, but it’s divided into a few parts, each named after a color. I think it was… Green, Yellow, Red, Gray, White, Pink, if I remember correctly.

Each of the parts is named after an important recurring color that she keeps using in imagery and it’s just *squeals in excitement* so beautiful!

I’ve….never read The Hunger Games. *ducks for cover* LOL! The False Prince is a new one, too…WHY HAVEN’T I HEARD OF THE FIRST AND LAST BOOKS UNTIL NOW?!? WHY DO YOU KEEP THIS FROM ME, INTERNET?!? WHY, OH, WHY?!

I actually didn’t read Hunger Games until last year XD But I was really impressed and really enjoyed it! False Prince is epic! It’s part of a five-book series, but the first book is by far the best. You could even just read the first, or the first three. The fifth book hasn’t been released yet, but I was rather disappointed in the fourth. It suffers from a lack of depth and character development, but the first book doesn’t, and has some awesome narration, pacing, and twists!


Wow, her name is a mouthful. I could see why she wouldn’t like that name. XD I like the setting of the book; medieval Africa is something I’ve never read about yet! And that character does sound fun…as long as she’s not someone from real life…LOL!

LOL, isn’t it always like that? I’ve often wondered if I’d like her IRL, but I think I would! She’s a fun person, and actually way nicer than she seems. XD

She and Faye would get along great, as you already mentioned due to their personality differences. Do they fall in lOoOoOveeeee??? XD

Get along great is an overestimation XD (They do in the latter part of the book, but before that…) Faye spends the first half of the book being low-key scared of Liorah and Liorah thinks Faye is little more than a loveable burden XD It’s hilarious because Liorah keeps shocking Faye XD

And… they’re both girls, so, nope. Liorah has a love interest who thinks she’s awesome but never hesitates to tell her when she’s being stupid. XD He has two out of the three brain cells in the series XD Liorah shares the other one with her two best friends and they play rock-paper-scissors for it every time there’s a decision XD

And Faye… doesn’t have a love interest. She told me she doesn’t want one in canon XD She isn’t against getting married, but her future plans center around living in a cottage in the forest with a talking raven and too many cats. XD (Not even an exaggeration, that’s exactly what happens in canon XD)

And I really don’t like when every. Single. Character. gets paired up into neat little couples by the end of the books. Just… why? I love a happy ending as much as anyone but for some characters, a happy ending doesn’t center around romantic love. I just like when characters’ happy ending is family love instead of a forced couple that’ll get broken up in the sequel 🙂

LOL, you can rant about your books.   I like what you have so far! Extremely creative!

Aww, thanks! I’m afraid I will XD I’d love to hear more about your characters too! What’s your MC’s name?

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