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The Unwavering Writer


LOL, yes, yes, I’m here. The kingdom cannot run without my guidance and supervision. XD

*in a British accent, accompanied with a slightly higher country dialect* Well, now that’s not going to end well, seeing as he is such a bad player…My, my, someone get the boy a tutor.


HAH, I CREATED A GAME!!! -Ml7raPsMoRyARPo9B5DĀ  I doubt you’d be on at this time, but…if you are, by all means, join! (And anyone else who’s interested, too!) Go to https://dutchblitzonline.com/, copy said code, and you’re in! If you can’t join, then we can arrange another time. Depends on time zone though. XD

I’d suggest sleeping at the middle of night and not practicing, dear. It really isn’t good for your health, much less your mood and cognitive abilities. (While I also don’t go to bed until later on…haha.)


LOL, I’ve texted two of them good night and called them plebians; so I must wait for their reaction. I’ll text the other one that as well…Haha. I have seven sisters (one has already passed); to be frank with you, they’re my honorary sisters. Not like godsisters or anything along those lines; honorary sisters as in we’ve claimed each other as sisters despite our not being related biologically. šŸ˜‰

Wow, three sisters! That’s a hot mess right there, waiting for a bomb to strike in order for chaos to occur. šŸ˜€ Any brothers to accompany the mess?


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