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Yay!  She lives!! Lol

No problem, I can get pretty busy myself 🙂

the-unwavering-writer wrote:

“*with head high in the air and a snooty disposition* Yes, yes, I’m quite renown around here. Now, scatter, peasant; a match with the Queen of England calls. Pshaw, the woman can hardly differentiate a six from a nine, let alone keep up with the game at her age!”

Ah, the nephew supposedly learned the game from his dear aunt… which explains his terrible lack of skill at Dutch Blitz.

Hmm, that’d be interesting to find a site that let’s you play Dutch Blitz online.  And don’t worry, someday I shall stage a glorious comeback of my awesome legacy!  Watch out, because I may be practicing in the middle of the night to sharpen my wits and planning my new strategies!! XD

Also, do tell me what your sisters’ reactions are like when you use the term plebeian on them 😉  (Ps. I also have sisters; three, actually.  How many do you have?)

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. — Ernest Hemingway

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