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Joelle Stone


Any tips for not overdoing it on the internal conflict? How do y’all show it instead of tell it so plainly?

What everyone else said. *actually read what everyone else said to understand how to do it myself XD*

Also, what are y’all’s favorite ways to communicate the backstory/ghost that is causing the character’s flaw or misbelief from one character to another? I did it a couple times in dialogue, but I’m worried it’s fake feeling.

Don’t info-dump. As a reader, I hate it when the author pauses the story to tell you what a character’s backstory is (though that one part about Artham in the Wingfeather Saga is pretty good), especially when it completely halts the plot instead of enhancing it. So reveal the backstory by dropping hints of it throughout the story, so when you finally write that sentence that ties everything together, the reader’s eyes widen and they have a cartoon-like flashback scene of all those hints they didn’t realize were important. *grinz*

Other than that, the best help I can give is wishing you the best of luck! *salutes and vanishes*

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