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The Unwavering Writer


I apologize for not responding sooner! I’m here now though; so I shall now respond. XD


Ohhhh, I just looked up what the Oxford comma is…I’ve been taught this all my life. XD I never knew it had a name!

Up was a Pixar movie? I thought that was a Disney movie…LOL! I’ve watched Up as a kid, but haven’t seen it since. I’ve seen a bit of Onward, but it bothered be morally; so I stopped watching it. As for Soul…haven’t seen that one. What made you prefer Pixar movies more than Disney or Dreamworks (or some other major producer) movies?


Yess, limericks are amazing!! I remember in my elementary years writing writing style after writing style of whatever I’d just learned to write…Limericks were something I didn’t revisit until this year. LOL! What’s your favorite limerick you’ve read or written?



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