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My sincere apologies for not responding sooner! Got caught up with other things and also had no motivation to respond when I saw all the emails in my inbox…LOL!! But I’m here and existing now. 😀


Whoopsie-daisies, my bad! I’m still getting a hang of this website…XD Thank you kindly for explaining!


Oh…my…XD I feel the pressing need to be concerned…and yet I also don’t. XD


I actually LOLed upon reading about your MC…I’m sure she’s nothing like you though. (Right? Right? XD) Your synopsis (or elevator pitch…new term I’ve learned 😉 ) sounds more sophisticated than you made it sound like. XD Oh, well, that’s the beauty of stories and hiding things from readers!


Yes, they are stunning! A lot more modest, too, than today’s typical fashion…Nowadays, it’s Crocs, sweatpants, and oversized hoodies…And a phone in the hand, possibly accompanied by an airpod in one ear. A steel-boned corset…For a moment, my brain transferred that as a corset made of bone…Oh, my. XD Again, I have learned something new!


Yes, I think it’s ESFP…LOL! I’ve discovered a good few writers now who are introverts….*jots you down on that list*


*heavy breathing* You…drew..*vocal inflections spike all the way up to squealing and squeaking* THAT?!? HOW AND WHERE AND WHY AND WHEN AND HOW AND WHAT AND HOWWWWWW?!?


LOL, I use “XD” and “LOL” a lot…in case you haven’t noticed…LOL! Life would be too boring without that XD or LOL. LOL XD


Thank you! 😀 My MC…*has to think about my MC even though I’ve been with her for over a year* She comes from a rather broken background, with not much history about her father; so she feels lacking in that area. Relied on practically every day to take care of her six younger siblings while her mom works; so I’d also say she has a lot on her shoulders. Gets defensive and wounded easily because she gets accused of things constantly. (I have to develop her more, as you can tell. XD This story was inspired by someone I know who’s gone through not exactly the same situation, but a bit similar in certain aspects; I won’t reveal them though for her sake.)


Ooh, The Red Ribbon immediately got my attention!! I tried writing a novel set in Ravensbruck, the only female concentration camp. The story was from the perspective of a young Polish girl sent to the camp with her mother and younger sister, and she meets someone who teaches her what forgiveness and love truly is when my MC had absolutely none. I never got around to adding more to it though;  spent a bunch of time doing research…LOL!

I’ve….never read The Hunger Games. *ducks for cover* LOL! The False Prince is a new one, too…WHY HAVEN’T I HEARD OF THE FIRST AND LAST BOOKS UNTIL NOW?!? WHY DO YOU KEEP THIS FROM ME, INTERNET?!? WHY, OH, WHY?!


Wow, her name is a mouthful. I could see why she wouldn’t like that name. XD I like the setting of the book; medieval Africa is something I’ve never read about yet! And that character does sound fun…as long as she’s not someone from real life…LOL! She and Faye would get along great, as you already mentioned due to their personality differences. Do they fall in lOoOoOveeeee??? XD

LOL, you can rant about your books. 😉 I like what you have so far! Extremely creative!









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