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The Unwavering Writer


Apologies for not responding sooner! Got caught up with other things and had no motivation to respond on account of the emails I was getting…LOL!


LOL, how does the nephew coincide with the queen? 😀 Am I missing something crucial? 😀 LOL, well, I don’t usually pay attention to the Dutch Blitz pictures…They’re pictures for all I know. It’s also a vonderfully goot game! (Hoping I spelled that right..haha.)


LOL, it was ironic that you mentioned plebians, because at the time I had already learned that a plebian was a lower class member of the Roman society…Or an outsider. XD I should jokingly say that to my sisters sometime and get their reaction…


Haha, nice to meet you too, Lily! (I’ll also do my best to keep tabs with your name. XD)


LOL, you must restore the power by bringing back the game!!! Do not let its legacy fail, dear Lily!!! Do not let it fail!!!!!!! :> I’m not sure how we’d play Dutch Blitz on the forum…LOL! I wonder if there would be a website that would allow us to play it against each other? 😉


Ah, children’s and middle grade fantasy/dystopian…You’re probably the first person I’m aware of who writes in that genre. XD Haha, yes, books are more complicated than we explain them. That and we don’t want to type so much. XD





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