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Apologies for not responding sooner! I responded later…Yikes. But I’m here! XD


Wow, I like your perspective despite the movie difference! You know how to analyze things…Well done. I am impressed. I never caught that they incorporated rap into orchestra parts…Then again, preference. Haha.


Yes, I highly recommend Silas Marner!!! I can’t spoil it though; so you’ll have to read it to find out why it’s such a good book. The main theme of the novel, however, is the redeeming power of love. 😉 (Not sappy, 21st century love. A different kind of love. Maternal. 😉 )


I also have to agree. People think watering down the Gospel is fine to appeal to both believers and non-believers, but if believers are always being fed milk, what’s going to happen to their spiritual growth? Don’t tell me someone has anxiety attacks and has an issue with their relationship; show me that Christ is the only Person to cry out to for help and why. (Sorry, taking that out of a book I read with one of the MCs dealing with something similar. Haha.)

Ooh, what kind of historical things? I’m starting to enjoy history now after learning about how the Gospel was spread by the apostles, the persecutions, Theodophilus making Christianity the only legal religion and thus making individuals who weren’t genuinely saved bring in false teachings and practices, the Roman Catholic Church, the Middle Ages…On and on and on. 😉 I’d love some recommendations! Might help with book reviews for school.

Huh, Spire sounds neat! I like the plot there – resistance party vs. the destruction of said city. XD What inspired you to write the book? Or, where’d the idea for it originate?

I have several WIPs…LOL! I mentioned one of them (The Missing Link), but another one I’m working on is My Reality. The story is about a girl living in the 1800s with an older sister who’s been deaf all her life. They have no way to communicate with each other (and the older sister has no interest to either) until something (I have to figure out something…LOL) happens that clicks the bond between them. I’m probably going to further it by having the older sister know some things about their past or about their family that the younger sister doesn’t know about.

Did that make sense? XD Hopefully, it did.


Hmm…I doubt I’d ever watch them tbh. Haha. Ohhhh, you were talking about anime. XD Anime isn’t…really…my thing…either. XD At least the ones with Naruto and these other people with powers. I’d have to watch another kind before making a say on it. Pretty sure my sister would know exactly what you’re talking about though! XD


Okie dokie, thank you so much! I’ll have to check it out sometime Lord willing…Lord willing…LOL!


Oh, and @imwritehere1920 (and you, calidris), the puppy and duck aren’t mine. Haha. I took a screenshot from a YT video I was watching; thought it was adorable. They do make a great pair though.



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