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First off, my sincerest apologies for not responding sooner! I meant to do it at some point, but then I had no motivation to because the replies were filling up my email…LOL! But I live and have time. haha


LOL, hard to pick just one favorite book, isn’t it? I think I’ve learned about the War of the Roses in either sixth or seventh grade…Wasn’t that between two opposing royal families or something along those lines? I don’t recall what that’s all about…LOL! Ooh, that book on the medieval ages sounds amazing!! I find myself interesting…Hehe. Ig I’m becoming more interested in history now that I’ve learned (and am learning!) about how Christianity spread, the persecutions, Theodophilus making Christianity the only legal religion and thus causing many to bring pagan practices and other things into the services, the Middle Ages…On and on and on.

What’s your favorite part about history, and why?


Aw, thank you! I also insist on the same terms. XD


Ooh, medieval history!! Now you’re really getting me intrigued…Keep writing it! I want to read it now! Hugon sounds like a cool name…Do you know what it means by any chance?

LOL, you could say that again! If I remember correctly, I believe one was hurt at some point during a game of Spoons…Or maybe that was my vivid memory of the blood on an air hockey table? 😉



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