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K. A. Grey

@shadowwriter161 Yesss! I have the exact same problem. I have so many unfinished stories because of this.

I want it to be perfect. It is perfect in my head, but seeing my pitiful attempts to put it into words just makes me want to give up.

But I’ve slowly come to realize that writing can never be perfect. You can always find something you can tweak or edit or nitpick about. But then you lose the joy of writing.

I started doing something recently that’s helped a little. I started a story called “Completely Senseless Random Story.” At least, that’s how I have it saved in my computer. 🙂 And I just sit down and write whatever nonsense first comes to my head. I don’t let myself hit backspace. The important thing is to keep going because this is a story that no one is gonna see anyway, it’s just for practice. And it actually is turning out to be pretty entertaining!

I don’t know if this helped, I’m still struggling too, so someone please chip in and help us out.😂

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