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Chelsea R.H.


Wow, that’s quite an array of animals! I really wanted guinea pigs and hermit crabs when I was little, but we ended up getting a dog and it was love at first sight for me. Since then, I’ve also got four horses and three more dogs. My first dog and my old horse died a few years ago, so currently I have three of each. My dream pet in the future is a parrot, either an Eclectus or African Grey. I also love fish! That’s so cool that you’ve had so much success with them. We’ve got some goldfish which we’ve had for a few years, though they’re my siblings and not mine. I love the look of aquariums and I can’t wait till I have enough space to get a really big one.


Good question about the dogs! I work with any and all dogs, but I do work for two dog rescues which means that almost all the dogs I end up working with are an Australian breed called Bull Arabs, or are deaf (sometimes both, since Bull Arabs are prone to deafness). I’ve always loved dogs, but I first got interested in becoming a dog trainer a few years ago when I adopted a dog who was very difficult and needed a lot of work. I did a course in dog training and got a certificate and here I am!

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