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Andrew Schmidt


Well, it is nice to meet you.

That’s really cool you are a dog trainer. Are you selective in the dog breeds you work with or do you have a love for all dogs in general? What sparked your interest in training dogs?

I have had an array of pets in my past, but I never owned a dog personally… although my house does have a family dog. I used to have a hamster that was really crazy, but then (her name was Poppy) died all the sudden and I didn’t know why – I was taking really good care in cleaning the animal’s pen every week and replacing the shavings and cleaning everything. After that, I had my first fish tank, but after about a year all the fish contracted horrible diseases and died when I introduced a new fish (my mistake: failing to quarantine the new fish). After that I settled for hermit crabs, but while they were very interesting to watch at first, I grew bored of them and gave them and the whole terrarium to another family so they could have a turn enjoying them. It was then I decided on another fish tank, and this time the aquarium was a success. In fact, I now have two aquariums and all the fish are doing much better than the fish I had at first… I made a commitment to take better care of them and not let what happened to the inhabitants in my first fish tank happen to the fish I now have.

Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
Me: "Write every inch of your future."

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