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Thanks for all the tips, I loved reading about your experiences, Rose.

Glad I could help! 🙂 I wish someone had told me all this stuff when I plunged into revisions with more enthusiasm than skill XD

With the printing the manuscript point, isn’t it kind’ve a pain to have to mark it down on paper, and then go into the document to actually edit it? I definitely get the not wanting to read on the computer thought, it hurts the eyes. xD

Well, I see your point, but you aren’t actually writing down what you want to fix and how to fix it. At this stage, the first big revision, you don’t need to proofread, you don’t need to evaluate prose.

You aren’t writing edits, just notes. I’m going to drag my horrific first draft from the depths of the cabinet to explain what I mean. (Man, the few sentences I glimpsed were even more terrible than I remembered. XD)

Often I didn’t even explain what I wanted to change, just underlined a passage that sounded wrong. I wrote down whenever I cringed (Often. Too often XD) and what parts made me laugh. I noted down when I was missing a description or when a conversation trailed off.

In short, you aren’t editing, you’re annotating and reading attentively. You’re just trying to read this as a reader and trying to find problems, not solutions. You can find the solutions later. Don’t think about it too much, just circle anything that feels wrong and move on.

Also, don’t do as I did, and don’t get too stuck in prose and grammar. It honestly doesn’t matter at all. All that time I spent on it was wasted.

And it’s quite nice that you can just take your work with you and sit wherever instead of being nailed to your desk. (I actually really enjoyed the rereading part of my book, even though most of it wasn’t great XD)

Also, you can observe the gradual deterioration of your handwriting as you get through the book XD

My first chapters: Color-coded pens, careful notes in the margins, straight underlining, explanations of the notes, neat, legible handwriting.

Last chapters: Entire pages sloppily crossed out, “Boring” scrawled over several paragraphs, handwriting so awful I can’t decipher what I was actually trying to say, cryptic notes that were mostly just me trying to amuse myself, I’m using one pen because I lost the others.

Do as I say, not do as I do XD

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