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Andrew Schmidt


Thanks. I’m around no less than 20 pages into the novella. The name of this novella is A Crooked Reign in Paradise Island.

I’m just writing this for fun, but if I end up liking it so much that I publish it, I hope nobody cares that I may have shed some spoilers on the story in the discussion of this thread (if they  intend to read it, but I’ll see).

Also, I just purchased yesterday night a book online, Flights of Fancy by Peter Tate, but I’m still waiting for it to arrive. So, that’ll be fun.


Yes, I agree some books are expensive. But I personally like to purchase used books (in excellent condition, of course); because why buy a book for $29.99 when you could get it for $4.99? The book offers the same content, except it is just a bit cheaper and most definitely a better deal! But that’s alright if you can’t afford that particular book. No pressure here.

Corvids and parrots (macaws in particular) have a reputation for being quite brainy birds, yes. But other birds are also intelligent, too, just in different ways. Lyrebirds can mimic a wide rang of sounds, even some sounds humans make. And others sound an alarm call so all other birds will flee and hide, so they can swoop down and enjoy a dinner that all the other birds were currently feeding on (yes, some birds are evil geniuses too!). Bird behavior is quite fascinating.

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