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Andrew Schmidt


The society in this world, without the villain, is well, wild as the wild can be. Except the birds are very intelligent with certain beliefs.  It is the villain who changes this, wishing for an empire that was “tame” and “domesticated” and “civilized” and most importantly, “controllable.” This villain arranges a world where everything is seemingly perfect, but it is this perfection that is an illusion. For example, in this perfect place “predation never occurs,” but really it does, just at night hours, and there are so many birds that no one seems to notice. This villain is encouraging unnatural behavior in the birds, twisting everything to create a nightmare of illusory.


Oh, martial arts is cool! Sounds like a great topic to write about!

Actually, I believe this coarse is worth some college credits. But I’m still debating whether I’ll attend college or not. I was planning on taking the career path of an entrepreneur (for example, beginning and owning a goldfish-specific retail store); unless the college I attend offers education on this particular career, I may or may not do college.

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