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@andrew I read a very similar book by the same author!  It’s called The Genuis of Birds, and it deals with the different forms of intelligence in birds.  One of the things that I found very interesting was her point that humans tend to have a very limited view of intelligence.  We tend to focus on Corvids, because their intelligence is the most similar to ours, and often overlook other bird species that demonstrate different forms of intelligence.  I’ve never heard of eclectus parrots before – that’s incredibly sad, but also really interesting.  Perhaps she does it to give her female offspring a better chance of survival?  I know that a lot of birds only feed the chicks that are strong enough to fight for food, so maybe that’s her way of decreasing the competition 🙁  I don’t really know, though.  Your guess is good as well!  It seems like it would be counterproductive, but then again, I’m not an eclectus parrot.  I’ve thought about buying the book before, but it’s so expensive (at least for me).  I’ll keep it in mind, though.  Thanks for the recommendation!

*laughs as one fey*

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