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Buddy J.

@taylorclogston – I would add authors like Tolkien and Card to the list of those who mix structures extremely well. Card–with his highly philosophical approach–nailed the pacing and movement of Ender’s Game. And Tolkien uses the extensive layering of his setting to provide what’s necessary to follow the main character through not only a path of conflict and resolve, but an established world and history. Almost like everything around Frodo (the world around him) is moving in a more “Eastern” pattern while Frodo himself takes a “Western”‘ journey through that greater world and universe.

I would be curious to read IQ84 with that in mind. Often I find that main characters rely on what’s going on in the world around them to find purpose. In fact, Orson Scott Card takes an interesting look at this as he wraps his characters in the discussion of ethics and belief system, and makes them discuss how that belief system responds to what is at hand. Dostoevsky seems to do the same. So…does that opening of IQ84 serve as either a mirror for the characters? Or, does it instead provide a contrast for where the characters end up?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

(Also, thanks for the encouragement!)

– Interesting thoughts, friend. I look forward to hearing more of your responses.


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