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Thanks for the encouragement.   I think I’m around 130k in my novel, and the final product will probably be 160k-180k. Editing will probably get rid of some of that though. When I first started writing, my goal was to write a long, epicish feeling stand alone novel, so I made a goal of 150k-200k before I started writing, so it’s turning out about right.

That’s impressive! That’s a nice length, basically a duology with one story arc. That’s pretty cool!

That’s exactly what I need. Hit me.

I’ll start a new topic for it! (I have a bad habit of going on tangents and getting severely off-topic, so I’m trying to prevent that from happening XD)

I know that feeling. xD I was just on a a chapter that seemed to never end, I think it ended at 6.3k words.

Exactly. I’m at the same word count, but I think I’m very nearly finished. (Hopefully. I think. XD)

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