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Thanks for your input, that helps a lot! I’ve heard about the NaNo official website’s worldviews, and I’m definitely wary about it, as I am with most non-christian forums.

Thanks for mentioning the discord servers! I don’t have discord, but it may be an option!

However, it seems enough people are interested that we could have it on SE, so we could probably make that work, it would be fun!


Woah. 0_0 50,000 words in THIRTY DAYS!?!?! *stares* This I must see.

LOL, it’s basically a novel speedrun XD The good thing is that it forces you to keep going, so you get stuff finished before you’re tired or stuck. (That happens to me a lot XD)

As far as I could see, the difference between NaNo and CWW is that you don’t post sprints, only your daily word count, and it’s missing the competitive element since it’s just you vs your goal. Still, it’s similar in that you’re group writing and the goal is to get as much writing done as possible.

If 50k sounds overwhelming, you can always set a lower goal, like 30k or even less. 50k is just the traditional amount 🙂 I’m going to be trying for that because based on previous records, I could possibly manage it, but any amount is awesome!


Thanks for planning to join! That’s awesome 🙂


By November, I’ll probably have no more than 20k left to write. So you see my dilemma.

Count me as extremely impressed! That’s amazing, you’ve been so productive! What’s your current word count and what’s your goal?

However…I do plan to do my first round of heavy editing  in November, so I will be adjusting and writing words from that. Getting to 50k from that though, is highly unlikely. xD

That’s awesome, totally let me know if you need any help/advice for the first round of revisions, because that’s what I’m working on now, and I definitely discovered some stuff 🙂

However…I’ll still participate in this thread and hold a certain “Rose” accountable to her goals if she would like me to.

Thanks, I’ll be counting on it 🙂


Man, I’m already getting excited 🙂 It might motivate me to finally finish that 6k chapter I’ve been horribly stuck on XD (In my defense, it wasn’t supposed to be that long XD)

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