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R.M. Archer


It’s a very secular website. The dashboard and everything is fine. The forums are generally friendly enough. But I’m no longer on it because the owners vocally support a lot of stuff that I don’t agree with, and they do so with NaNoWriMo (a practice which I have problems with in and of itself, but that’s its own topic). So it’s “safe” as far as you aren’t likely to run into a lot of language or anything explicit in the all-ages forums, and there is still a great Christian teens community on there, but it depends on how much the worldview of the organization means to you. I compiled a list of alternatives… last year? If you don’t want to join the official NaNo site and you want to look over the list. But I’d suggest doing your own research (just a quick skim of NaNoWriMo’s social media and maybe some of their “about” pages on the website should give you a good idea of their values), too, and decide on NaNoWriMo yourself; my reasons for avoiding it won’t necessarily match your thoughts on it.

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