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Andrew Schmidt


Agreed. Life is a dangerous place in the world of birds.

Right now I am reading a nonfiction book, The Bird Way, by Jennifer Ackerman. This book delves deep into the complexities and contradictions of birds, highlighting the most extreme and bizarre behavior in birds. I haven’t gotten far in it yet, but it is definitely very well written.

While so far the author has discussed many types of birds, the eclectus parrots are very intriguing. The male is bright green (with perhaps a couple other bright colors, but I can’t remember) and the female is bright red with either blue or purple colors in addition (can’t remember whether it was purple or blue, sorry).

This is very ruthless, but apparently the female eclectus parrot, after within a few days, may kill all her male offspring. I know this sounds horrible, and I believe me it is, but I couldn’t help but wonder why. It doesn’t make much sense, but perhaps it may help make room for more females so more babies can be produced of their species… but that is only a possibility, I can’t really be sure why. Nevertheless, this is a very interesting book and I recommend it for any person interested in birds.

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