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Andrew Schmidt


It is doubtless that phoenixes rank as high as dragons on the popularity scale. They are very elegant and majestic, but fierce and aggressive to an extent that I cannot help but admire them… but that’s just me. Other people may have slightly different opinions regarding this mythological creature.

I have finished some short fiction story projects this year, plus a few nonfiction articles and free verse poetry… but now, I am writing a novella. Because I want to, because it is fun. Like mentioned above, this is a fictional novella, but I am gleaning realistic information from nonfiction books that can be used in the novella. The novella showcases a world of talking birds, but these birds do not behave as humans do.

However, the villain, a manipulative and cunning leader of a land far away, likes to stay in control and thus she has enforcedĀ specific laws that must be followed, what birds in other regions may deem to be civilized and unbirdlike, tame and not wild like nature intended. I have the plot devised, have established the central theme, and now I am currently writing it. It is a little wordy now, because I did not edit it, but I like to write and get the whole story down before executing the polishing and editing of the novella.

It is like an adventure, a realm where I can slip away from reality and immerse myself in a world of danger and adventure, and where I can exercise my imagination. Despite this, I am very practical and in touch with reality.

Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
Me: "Write every inch of your future."

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