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Joy C. Woodbury


Besides, I often see books that don’t include women in domestic roles at all, which is such a pity since it gives off the message that you can’t have any impact on the world unless you’re in a traditionally masculine role, which is nonsense, obviously.

I actually haven’t noticed before, but now that you point it out, you’re totally right! In a lot of modern literature, female characters only play masculine roles, which I think is very unhealthy because it sends a message that traditionally feminine roles cannot be beautiful too. People are valuable in any role God calls them to.

The entire message behind Not Like Other Girls is that girls have to be a certain way otherwise they’re villains (Example, the girly, feminine, Mean Girl)

Yup. I absolutely abhor when stories continually paint a girl as evil if she likes high heels and nail polish, and as good if she wears sneakers and baseball caps. Like, what’s wrong with either one?! The Not Like Other Girls character is ALWAYS a tomboy who reads books, and it’s so annoying. That doesn’t make you any different from anyone else and it doesn’t make you a hero. Same goes for if you’re a girly girl who likes getting her nails done. That trope is simply ridiculous wherever you find it. *sighs*

I think one of my favorite parts about their relationship is that Liorah admires her sewing and embroidery and even learned how from her, and Nebiah has no interest in martial arts but takes an interest in it for Liorah and Gavril’s sake. It’s actually really sweet how they try to find common ground even though there isn’t much. XD

That’s awesome! I love friendships where each person comprises to do an activity the other enjoys, even if they don’t.

And yes for girl friendships! They’re just the best, IRL and in books. One of my other least favorite tropes is “Two girls being petty and dramatic to each other for no reason. (Even worse if it’s because they’re jealous of each other because of a guy XD)

Aw man, I highly dislike that trope as well. It’s disastrous. XD

Exactly!! That’s also the exact reason we don’t believe people are inherently sinful (original sin etc.) We live in a sinful world and are therefore tempted to sin, (which we all do) which is why we need Jesus.

Yes! I think it’s actually dishonoring to God when we suggest that His own creations are incapable of good.

You mentioned you’re a Seventh-day Adventist? (I think? XD) I actually don’t know that much about it, but I’d love to hear more if you don’t mind 🙂

Yup, I’m an SDA! And I love talking about my faith, so feel free to ask absolutely anything you want to know. 😊 The two most basic facts about Seventh-Day Adventism can be found right in our name: 1) That we believe Saturday, the seventh day of the week, is God’s sanctified Sabbath, so we observe it rather than Sunday; and 2) that we put much emphasis on waiting for the second Advent of Christ and being prepared for heaven.

They are! I used to really struggle with antagonists, but now I really enjoy them!

My favorite kind of antagonists are probably the ones who are still actually kind of good. They get bonus points if they do something kind during the novel.

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