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Exactly. Took the words right outta my mouth. Your “strong” female characters won’t make any strong impact if you just shove them in there to make them “role models” or something. Lol, that’s just very annoying in stories!

Exactly! It’s kinda poor worldbuilding too. If you change something from the real world you have to think through the consequences and decide how the change came about in the first place, and then make it feasible.

Besides, I often see books that don’t include women in domestic roles at all, which is such a pity since it gives off the message that you can’t have any impact on the world unless you’re in a traditionally masculine role, which is nonsense, obviously. It just kinda irks me when all female characters are alike, but I could go on about that for a really long time XD

Same. I feel like I could give a whole speech on why Not Like Other Girls is the worst trope everrr. Claiming the title of Not Like Other Girls is basically just proving that you’re actually Every Other Girl Who Ever Lived.

Exactly!! And I mean… other girls are awesome!! XD The entire message behind Not Like Other Girls is that girls have to be a certain way otherwise they’re villains (Example, the girly, feminine, Mean Girl)

Nebiah sounds awesome! I especially love the unique friendship you’re unfolding between her and Liorah. I’m a big believer in the fact that there need to be a billion more close girl friendships in stories. Like you said, women should be supporting one another and not tearing one another down. Just because you’re different doesn’t mean you can’t be friends – and in fact, friends who are different from you in many ways often make the most valuable friendships. It teaches understanding, empathy, and the value of each life God creates. ‘Cause after all, we’re all made in His image and we’re all created as He meant us to be.

Exactly! Nebiah started out as very much a background character, but she got more and more scenes and now she’s still a side character, but an important one. I think one of my favorite parts about their relationship is that Liorah admires her sewing and embroidery and even learned how from her, and Nebiah has no interest in martial arts but takes an interest in it for Liorah and Gavril’s sake. It’s actually really sweet how they try to find common ground even though there isn’t much. XD

And yes for girl friendships! They’re just the best, IRL and in books. One of my other least favorite tropes is “Two girls being petty and dramatic to each other for no reason. (Even worse if it’s because they’re jealous of each other because of a guy XD)”

I’ve only read this once and it was very annoying. (I thought it was especially hilarious how the fandom of those books completely disregarded that part of the plot and came to the unanimous decision that they were actually friends already (which did happen later)) XD

And like you said, I love when it’s a friendship between two really different characters but they still admire the other’s skills and interests. That’s just the best!

I could not agree more! I think it’s so interesting because I believe God creates all people inherently good – we are His creations and He doesn’t create anything inherently evil. That’s why it takes a lot to tear away one’s ability to have a conscience. That’s not to say there aren’t people who are pure evil and possessed by evil – there are, which is why I believe writers need to portray those too. There are people who have no conscience and do wrong things for no reason. But God still creates everyone in the human race in His image and therefore inherently good. People who are possessed of the devil allowed the devil in themselves.

Exactly!! That’s also the exact reason we don’t believe people are inherently sinful (original sin etc.) We live in a sinful world and are therefore tempted to sin, (which we all do) which is why we need Jesus.

You mentioned you’re a Seventh-day Adventist? (I think? XD) I actually don’t know that much about it, but I’d love to hear more if you don’t mind 🙂

Sorry if I rambled a bit there. XD On another note, I think it would be really interesting to write a scene with your villain and a character he/she is not directly involved with! It would help you to get another side of the villain’s character – like, is he evil to everyone or does he have a valid-to-him reason he is evil to the protagonist?

Exactly! In my WIP you start off expecting him to be a pure-evil villian, then a side character meets him for the first time, and he seems pretty alright? and then there’s a reveal and it looks as though the villain is actually right and the heroes are evil and then something else happens and you’re like: Nope, definitely evil. Very evil. And it goes back and forth like that XD

If you know very little about him, he seems evil, if you know a bit more, he actually seems alright, then once you know the full story he’s actually more evil than you thought XD

I love talking about antagonists. XD They’re often my favorite characters in stories because they’re so complex.

They are! I used to really struggle with antagonists, but now I really enjoy them!

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