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@andrew Cardinals are so beautiful!  Unfortunately, they don’t live in my area, so I’ve never seen one in person.  Your article sounds really interesting!  I wasn’t aware that cardinals could be yellow.  I’ve never heard of a bilateral gynandromorph cardinal, but I did read an article about a grosbeak (I believe it was a rose-breasted) with the same mutation.  It was a very beautiful bird, but I felt sorry for it because it could have a difficult time finding a mate.  As for my favorite bird, right now I think it’s the Turkey Vulture.  Vultures are very fascinating to me, and I think it’s sad how stigmatized they are becasue of their association with death and carrion.  It makes me really happy whenever I get to see them in the wild, especially when I see them soaring on the thermals.  Ravens (really just corvids in general) are also very fascinating to me.  We have some where we live, so we sometimes get to see them on our property 🙂

*laughs as one fey*

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