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Hii Cathy! Glad to be here❤️

Ack, thanks! My parents really deeply study the Faith and Bible study with us and keep learning themselves so it’s all thanks to them! I don’t really know much about the apparitions in Medjugorje, can you tell me about them?

Thats pretty cool gosh. Good on your parents for educating you!

Medjugorje. Wow okay where do I begin? I’ve never been there myself, but if God intends for me to go He will make sure of it 🙂 Just bear in mind that the Vatican hasn’t recognised these apparition reports as authentic (i’m not sure what the official consensus is, I could be wrong) but they have recognised Medjugorje as a pilgrimage site. Some of the visionaries allegedly still see her and some allegedly don’t. So you can just make up your own mind regarding the authenticity of the visions 🙂
So the story goes that in June 1981 six children saw the Blessed Virgin on a hill and the alleged apparitions continued for many years. Basically they say that Our Lady is calling the world to conversion. I could be wrong but I think she also allegedly foretold the Bosnian war. Allegedly she revealed ten secrets to each of the visionaries, some concerning themselves and some concerning the whole world. They were told that the third secret would be a lasting indestructible sign on apparition hill. One of them, Mirjana, is responsible for revealing the alleged secrets. One of the secrets was apparently so terrible, the visionaries begged Our Lady to prevent it from happening. They said later that this upcoming event had been reduced due to massive prayer, fasting and conversion. You can read all this stuff online, its very interesting.

That being said lot of people have mixed feelings about Medjugorje and definitely be careful about believing everything you hear. There was an incident with one of the visionaries where the people had reason to believe I know that a lot of traditional Catholics believe that its the work of the devil, they complain about the fact that none of the alleged visionaries have become religious laity and none of the women wear veils on their heads during mass, which is what women do in Latin mass. But at least hundreds of conversions have taken place there. So I personally think there is something incredible there. Still my advice is to question everything no matter what 🙂

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