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R.M. Archer

That makes sense! It’s cool that your fish are doing so well; keeping things alive isn’t always the easiest task, lol.

That’s super cool about the birds! I can’t remember the last time I put out a bird feeder, but we have a few varieties of birds around my house. Mourning doves, robins, and starlings are the most common here, I think, but we also get the occasional cardinal or bluejay. I wonder if you might enjoy the book Flights of Fancy by Peter Tate? It’s about the myths and legends associated with various types of birds, so not as factual but certainly interesting (at least imo).

I haven’t actually read a whole lot about specific eras of literature; I more often read about specific authors (Tolkien and Lewis are particular favorites) or about the influence of worldview on literature in general, throughout the ages. I think the majority of what I’ve read on specific eras of literature has been about literature from the Classical Era (Ancient Greece, particularly) or from the 19th and 20th centuries. I am also curious to learn more about Medieval literature at some point, though.

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