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Andrew Schmidt


I have just always been fascinated with animals, ever since I was kid. I’m not sure why, but the fact that I lived in the country probably helped, where I have access to nature 24 hours a day. I currently have two tropical aquariums, one with platies and Corydoras catfish and another with guppies, a golden mystery snail, and a sunset honey gourami, both with live plants and decor. They’re a lot of work, but so far its been more than half a year (for most of the fish) and all are still going strong. I experienced a couple fish deaths, but the majority of them have survived… I mean, thrived. But I had an obsession with goldfish, particularly black moors and red-capped oranda fancy goldfish, but they’re messy fish requiring large aquariums, like in 20 gallons per one fish because of the amount of ammonia produced. I don’t have the room for that, but seeing as I just turned eighteen yesterday, I could be out of the house in the next five years and then maybe I’d give goldfish a shot in my apartment or house… or I’d just turn the hobby into a career path and make a retail store specifically for cold water fish, and a diverse array of goldfish (and possibly koi, but they require a much larger setup) would be presented.

As far as my passion in birdwatching is concerned, what sparked my interest in them was… well, I set up a birdfeeder. Then after a few weeks in winter, BOOM! I got an amazing diversity of songbirds, from northern cardinals and blue jays and many more. In early spring we had red-winged blackbirds and house finches and more, then in summer we had goldfinches, and then I set up a hummingbird feeder and now ruby-throated hummingbirds have occasionally visited. This is all very enjoyable and has sparked this interest in me. After this, I began purchasing nonfiction books on ornithology and birds and glossing over the beautiful display pictures and reading through the text. So yeah, that’s what got me interested.

Theology, literature, and worldview seems like a great topic! I’m curious, what kind of literature do you discuss in your writing? Is it literature from the Romantic Age, or a combination of many different kinds from the past?


Hey there, that seems like an awesome career! What kind of nonfiction is your favorite subject to write?

I am taking a writing coarse for The Writer’s Institute for Children’s Literature. I really like it. It is very flexible and allows for a creative schedule. Also, the instructor, as well as being very encouraging, also gives excellent feedback on my writing.

Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
Me: "Write every inch of your future."

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