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Buddy J.

@andrew – This is one of the most admirable threads I’ve ever seen on this forum. You have my respect. Yes–I have heard of people in the writing community giving non-fiction a hard time. I am not one of those people.

Though I’m sure my love of animals doesn’t compare with yours, I also have a high respect for you in that as well.

As for my love of non-fiction, not only do I enjoy it immensely, I’m basing my writing career off non-fiction as a non-fiction book writer, newsletter writer/blog writer, and probably other kinds of non-fiction that I’m not thinking of.

Also, the publishing company I’m working with will hopefully be publishing non-fiction in the near future… so, I’m sure I’ll get to come into contact with lots of awesome non-fiction then–and a lot of it that I didn’t write myself.

SO! What’s the course you’re taking?

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