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Buddy J.

@taylorclogston – It does me so much good to see not only the way you’ve handled the topic, but also the discussion you’ve encouraged. So, my thanks to you.

Yeah. I don’t think we stand in a place to judge (in the ultimate sense) Western story telling–though it is arguable we have warrant to discuss and criticize any form of literature, especially as it builds us and others around us up.

I’d also like to think that the two general structures have so much overlap that the best of literature does overlap the two structures. Or, at least a lot of the best does. In the ideology that contrast and shared experience are the core of good stories, both structures need them. As R.M. Archer (@r-m-archer) pointed out, beauty, wonder, and conflict are some of the underlying truths of life…which means one aspect of them or another is going to show in just about any story. To use algebraic language, just as much as the fallen and corrupt world are constants in our world of variables, so also is God a constant. In fact, he came before it all.

The constants are the underlying structure of story. The variables are the changing shape of it.

So, thank you also, R. M. Archer.


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