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Andrew Schmidt

Hi. I just popped on here, sorry if I’m late to the topic. I haven’t visited Story Embers in months, and I was just looking around to see what looked interesting, and so this topic piqued my curiosity.

I know a lot of you guys are mainly talking about fiction books, but I’ve learned quite a few cool and interesting facts from nonfiction as well. When doing research for my novella, I consulted a primary source for accurate information and landed on Northern Cardinal (Wild Bird Guide) by Gary  Ritchison. For anyone who is not interested in birds, this book may seem boring, but I really enjoyed it and found it a very exciting read! There were so many cool facts about northern cardinal behavior, morphology, etc. and it was a really great start off for gathering information that could be used in a story.

That being said, fiction novels are also great. I really enjoyed reading Fawkes and The Time to Die series by Nadine Brandes. She writes extremely realistic and gripping emotions and intense scenes, which I really like, but there are also so many other things she does extremely well, from character and theme and so on…

Her books are fantastic.

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