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@k-a-grey Hello!  It’s nice to meet you!  I’m calidris, and I’ve only been here since August.

I really like humpback whales too!  I just like whales in general, though 🙂  A little bit about myself: I like bird watching, art, and writing.  I’m currently working on a dystopian fantasy project, but I haven’t actually done any writing in it.  All of the writing that I’ve done recently has been for the Story Embers character castles.  Feel free to join if/when you feel like it!  They’re super fun, and we would be glad to have you!

I have a few questions for you:

1. What things do you like to sketch/paint?

2. What genres do you plan on writing your short stories in?

3. Do you like LotR and/or Haikyuu?

4. What are some of your favorite diy projects that you’ve done?

5. Do you have any favorite books/movies/shows?

You don’t have to answer all of these if you don’t want to 🙂  It’s great to have you back!


*laughs as one fey*

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