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(Oh, I think you accidentally tagged the wrong person XD The tags are right below the usernames, so mine would be @ rose-colored-fancy, not @ Rose 🙂 Don’t worry, I made the same mistake XD)

Hello there!   LOL, I’m sure it’s not as chaotic as Christian Writers is… *pauses to ensure that I’m safe to say that* And thank you that I’m not the only weird one. *bows majestically*

LOL, trust me, there’s chaos!! Several things that have actually happened in the Character Castles: My medieval princess was doing backflips in zero-gravity while annoying her brother because she’s like that and an assassin got chased and bitten by a goose. Don’t ask. I don’t know either. Neither of these were unusual occurrences. XD

Ooh, you’ve been writing for over a year; nice! What’s the main premise of your stories? LOL, relatable!! That’s why we edit…over time…maybe over several months…LOL!

LOL, yes! Well, I’m tempted to say that the premise is my beloved MC charging into stupid situations like the feral brat she is and nearly getting herself killed repeatedly. She’s like that, I love her so much. XD

But the actual elevator pitch would be something like this: The princess of a desert tribe must rescue her older brother who is being held hostage before the situation culminates into a war.

Oh, my, weaponizing an Edwardian gown…LOL! That must be…quite the sketch. XD I’m into those older fashions of the day, such as those long gowns they wore back then…AHHHHH THE BEAUTY OF THEM!!!

Yes! Aren’t they stunning!? I’m absolutely fascinated by all kinds of historical fashion, though the Edwardian period is one of my favorites!

LOL, yes, those notes fall into the category of “Don’t worry! I’m just a writer!” Btw, the key is hatpins, and it’s historically proven that a steel-boned corset could deflect a bullet. I’m going to use that information in one of my next projects. (That project is beckoning me so hard and I have to keep kicking it into a corner so I can keep going with my current one XD)

 I’m that one label known as Outgoing Entertainer…I forgot the personality short definition thing to that. LOL! In reality though, I’m an ambivert, probably leaning more to being an extrovert though.

ESFP? Maybe? That’s awesome! I’m definitely an introvert but I can be an extrovert for short periods of time XD

LOL, relatable, only I don’t do digital art. What have you been drawing so far?

I draw my characters a LOT XD But I also just draw fanart and whatever strikes me as interesting. Mostly characters of some sort. I drew my profile picture! That character is probably going to get a short story of her own, she’s interesting!

I’d scream at that, only I’d probably just say you’re better off not seeing any of them IMHO…LOL! Ooh, yay, twinsies on parentheses!! XD What about asterisks? *eyes*

Asterisks are a gift to mankind! So are tone indications such as “XD”!! I overuse that one whenever possible XD

Mainly Christian fiction; I don’t tend to stray away from it…LOL! I constantly make new WIPs and have one finished in dire need of editing, but my current WIP is what I summarized to Noah (so above this message). It probably makes no sense, but I’d need to make a better summary of that. XD

It makes sense! I like it! That’s a very cool premise! What’s your MC like?

Ooh, favorite books? I haven’t read much since this past summer and don’t have much time for it now, but I do like Silas Marner, a Christian classic by George Eliot (pen name of Mary Ann Evans; highly recommend it!!!). And what about you, m’lady?

*Takes a deep breath and unrolls a massive scroll* I may have several suggestions! LOL

I’m actually a kinda picky reader, I struggle to find books I really enjoy so I often end up abandoning them halfway through. (Another reason I became a writer. Unbridled spite. XD If that trash can get published, so can my scribblings XD Maybe. One day. Publication isn’t the current goal. XD)

But here are some I really love!

“The Red Ribbon” by Lucy Adlington.

THIS BOOK!! It’s brilliant! Amazing! I love it so much! It’s historical fiction about WWII, which isn’t my usual preference. (I’m pretty easily upset and usually can’t handle those)

What I really admired about this book is how well the theme was written. The tone was very interesting. It was so, so hopeful. It never downplayed the horrible situations, nor made light of it, but the constant tone was so, so hopeful. It’s definitely one of my comfort books.

The prose was lovely, the characters amazing, and I just– I can’t explain how much I loved it.

“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins.

Do I need to explain why these are amazing? I especially admired the themes and message, even though it was so dark. It taught me a lot as a writer.

“The False Prince” by Jennifer Nielsen. (And her historical novels, especially Resistance!)

I love the narrator and main character in this one. (Honestly, one of the best character voices I’ve ever read) It was brilliantly written, and I enjoyed the intrigue in the plot.

I have several others I loved, but I’d say that’s my top three!

I think the favorite part about my WIP is the turtle necklace. XD Yes, I know it sounds weird, but it’s the one thing that brings the two girls together.

That’s such an interesting part! That’s so cool!!!

Now, spill the beans–what’s your WIP about?? And what’s your favorite part about it? *Yes, yes, I’m allowed to Uno reverse card you.*

Well, you already got the elevator pitch, so I’ll expand on that! The setting is a fantasy setting based on medieval North Africa. I can’t decide whether it counts as high-fantasy or low fantasy XD The world is completely different from ours, but there is no magic or fantasy creatures or races.

My favorite part… man, I’ll have to say Liorah, my MC. Her full title is “Princess Liorah of the Lehabim, daughter of Shemaiah,” but she hates being called that XD She’s… interesting. To say the least. XD

She’s a very sassy, defiant, bold character, but she’s also surprisingly kind whenever possible. She’s not exactly sweet, but she’s very fun to write. I love her so much, she’s so very alive!

I’d say the other favorite parts of my WIP are the setting (I’m having so much fun with it! I don’t see it a lot in fantasy but it’s fascinating!) and the way the plot is unfolding. I planned it as a standalone, but because I was absolutely clueless, I didn’t realize I had too many events to be resolved in one book, so it got expanded. It also started as entirely first-person, with Liorah as the only narrator.

Now, the first book has a few chapters with other points of view of side characters (Either because Liorah isn’t there or because her POV would skim over important information. Did I mention she’s extremely stubborn and will only narrate stuff she finds relevant, frequently jumping to conclusions?)

And the second book had at least half the action “off-screen” so I added a second narrator, so now it’s dual POV, and they’re split up for almost half the book. Personally, I really think it works because the other narrator, Faye, is Liorah’s polar opposite and that works really well together since they cover each other’s blind spots.

And the third book is also going to be a dual POV between Liorah and another side character who was in the first two books. He’s outgrown his role as a side character and honestly, he just really fascinated me and deserves more attention. Besides, he’s super secretive and the only way he’s going to give information is if he’s actually a narrator.

And… I’m ranting, aren’t I? Sorry, this happens a lot XD I love my WIP a lot and I can’t resist talking about it wayy too much XD

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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