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*tosses hair*

Well, my dear Amelia, we shan’t talk of the queen.  Or her nephew!  Really, there’s a difference between the plough and the carriage image in Dutch Blitz!  Poor chap, needs his eyesight checked XD

Peasant, hmm?  Something my sister likes to call me… that or plebeian…😉

Ahem, anyway, it’s really nice to meet you, Amelia (I’ll try to remember your name; apologies in advance as I sometimes forget names *sheepish grin*).

As for my Dutch Blitz streak, I must admit, my younger sister took the lead for a bit…. then I regained it with my honor…. then life happened and the game sorta fell by the wayside.  I’d challenge you to a friendly contest, but, that might be hard on this forum 😛

Ah, no worries.  I know Star Wars isn’t for everyone.  And I feel ya, my middle-grade WIP has been taking it’s own sweet time as well (it’s basically about a brother and sister who must rescue a lost phoenix.  It’s more complex than that, but that’s the gist.)  I write mostly in children’s and middle grade fantasy/dystopian.

By the way, that’s an adorable duck and puppy in your profile pic.  Are they your’s?

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. — Ernest Hemingway

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