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The Unwavering Writer

@imwritehere1920 *with head high in the air and a snooty disposition* Yes, yes, I’m quite renown around here. Now, scatter, peasant; a match with the Queen of England calls. Pshaw, the woman can hardly differentiate a six from a nine, let alone keep up with the game at her age!

LOL, I’m kidding. Why’d you lose your Dutch Blitz legendary streak?? You should’ve kept it….LOL!

LOL, yay, another person who has watched hardly if any Marvel movies!! Nope, I’ve never watched Star Wars either! Then again, that wouldn’t be my cup of tea either.

Thank you! I’ve been working on it since possibly April or early May of last year…It’s taking a while. XD What’s your WIP about? And what genre do you write?

Nice to meet you too, Lily! Hope to see you around some more Lord willing!

(Also, you and everyone else who reads this can call me Amelia instead of my rather lengthy username. XD)

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