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The Unwavering Writer

@Bethania Gauterius Howdy! Thanks for welcoming me! 😀 YESSSSSSS, TWINSIES IN PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMAR AND PARENTHESES!!! WHOOP WHOOP! 😀 I’ve only heard of the Oxford Comma rule at least a couple of times; so I’d have to look into it to give a definite answer. For what I know, I’ve been taught commas as well as noticed their placement in books. XD What are your thoughts on it?

Hmm…Into the Spiderverse really isn’t my cup of tea. There were parts that were funny, but I wasn’t big on the rap music in it. Again, Marvel movies most likely won’t be my thing. What movies happen to be your thing? 😀

I’ve done limericks, haikus (that was back in fifth grade though…LOL!), and, well, poems in general. XD I’m pretty sure I’ve done others, but memory doesn’t say…

Hey, at least it rhymes! There are some poems that don’t rhyme, and I suppose that’s alright. LOL!

Nice to meet you too! 😀

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