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The Unwavering Writer

@Rose Hello there! 😀 LOL, I’m sure it’s not as chaotic as Christian Writers is… *pauses to ensure that I’m safe to say that* And thank you that I’m not the only weird one. *bows majestically*

Ooh, you’ve been writing for over a year; nice! What’s the main premise of your stories? LOL, relatable!! That’s why we edit…over time…maybe over several months…LOL!

Oh, my, weaponizing an Edwardian gown…LOL! That must be…quite the sketch. XD I’m into those older fashions of the day, such as those long gowns they wore back then…AHHHHH THE BEAUTY OF THEM!!! 😀 I’m that one label known as Outgoing Entertainer…I forgot the personality short definition thing to that. LOL! In reality though, I’m an ambivert, probably leaning more to being an extrovert though.

LOL, relatable, only I don’t do digital art. What have you been drawing so far?

I’d scream at that, only I’d probably just say you’re better off not seeing any of them IMHO…LOL! Ooh, yay, twinsies on parentheses!! XD What about asterisks? *eyes*

Mainly Christian fiction; I don’t tend to stray away from it…LOL! I constantly make new WIPs and have one finished in dire need of editing, but my current WIP is what I summarized to Noah (so above this message). It probably makes no sense, but I’d need to make a better summary of that. XD

Ooh, favorite books? I haven’t read much since this past summer and don’t have much time for it now, but I do like Silas Marner, a Christian classic by George Eliot (pen name of Mary Ann Evans; highly recommend it!!!). And what about you, m’lady?

I think the favorite part about my WIP is the turtle necklace. XD Yes, I know it sounds weird, but it’s the one thing that brings the two girls together.

Now, spill the beans–what’s your WIP about?? And what’s your favorite part about it? *Yes, yes, I’m allowed to Uno reverse card you.*




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