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The Unwavering Writer

@Noah Cochran Howdy! Thanks for greeting me! 😀

Ooh, medieval history; that does sound cool! What’s your favorite medieval history book so far, and why?

Glad you’ve been writing! Definitely quite the journey, isn’t it? 😉

I’m a plantser; so I constantly find myself creating new novels. XD I’ve finished one that needs to be edited, and I’m focusing (sort of) mainly on another. The WIP that needs to be finished is inspired by a friend of mine who’s gone through a few similar situations mentioned in the book. However, the novel is about two sisters who live rather contrasting lives and never knew about their relations until they meet each other and some things start to connect.

That was long; I apologize. I should make a better summary for that, shouldn’t I? 😀

Now what’s your WIP about? I’d like to know! 😀

Let’s see here…Spoons is considered a card game because it has cards, right? LOL! Phase 10 is a good one, and Uno is alright. Apples to Apples is…fascinating. LOL! Haven’t played it in a couple of years to determine if I could choose that as a favorite of mine or not. Other than those, I haven’t ventured much outside of those games.

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