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The Unwavering Writer

@calidris Thank you for the warm greeting! Ah, that’s the name of that movie…LOL! It was okay; not really my cup of tea. Wasn’t fond of the rap music. What do you think made the movie good? 🙂

To answer your questions… 😀

1. I didn’t know Christian fiction had genres until you pointed it out! XD I like the Christian fiction classics, such as Silas Marner and the occasional (mind you, occasional) romance/western/both lol. The latter of the two can be more on the lines of sappy, insincere, or far from biblical truth. Or all three. As for Christian fantasy, that’s not my thing.

What are your favorite genres to write/read?

2. I’ve never actually seen LOTR! 😀 Not sure if that’s my cup of tea either…LOL! Haiku’s that Japanese poem style, correct? If so, then yes!!! Those are so easy and yet fun (plus mysterious!) to write. I haven’t written one since fifth grade though…LOL!

Ooh, Character Castle sounds fun; I think I might join it if I have time! Thank you for inviting me! Where can I find that?

LOL, oh, alright. I’ll be nice. XD



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