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Lightbringer Reflection (3.0 stars):

I just finished reading this series by Brent Weeks and admittedly I read it because I wanted to understand all the references to it in fantasy and Christian writing articles. It generally seemed to be promoted for its magic system (based on light and color) and being Christian fantasy.

I was disappointed.

– The magic system was really neat. It was fairly easy to understand (although there was too much infodumping in the beginning) as well as to expand upon in later books (adding some extra colors).

– Weeks did a good job of making some forgotten characters and concepts in the first book have more depth/meaning/importance in the last book.

– The multiple points of view, however, ruined the story for me. I generally liked some of the chapters written from some of the minor characters’ perspectives more than the main protagonists’ points of view. Every time I got to a chapter from a point of view that I didn’t like, I really wanted to put the book down. So I suppose a lesson for writers is not to assume that the main character’s point of view will be interesting just because he is the main character.

"Those who look to Him are radiant with joy." --Psalm 34:5

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