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Does anyone have a Goodreads account and read a lot of fantasy? If so, I’d be interested in following you there. Here’s my profile.

I’m a huge fan of Goodreads for a couple reasons:

1) Analysis 1: I’ll often write quick reviews of books I read with just bullet points of things that stood out to me –often those thoughts come from a writer’s perspective and are a way to help me analyze the book personally. I’m not sure they are as interesting for other readers although other writers might have thoughts.

2) Analysis 2: I also really do like seeing what other people say about the books I read. Sometimes they point out a book strength or flaw that I hadn’t noticed or put a thought I had into words for me. This too helps me analyze what I read.

3) Incentive: Goodreads motivates me to read more. It’s so crazy that keeping a list or getting the sticker can be so motivating –but it is.

Also, I really enjoyed these two discussions about reading making you a better writer, so thanks everyone for contributing. I’ve been a silent follower. I appreciate the permission to write instead of read and not try to do everything while I also appreciate the encouragement to find inspiration in reading.

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