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Hello! I’m Rose! Welcome to the chaos!! We’re all weird here XD

I started writing in early 2020 (Pandemic boredom XD) and I’m working on a fantasy trilogy! I drafted the first two books and am now rewriting the first because goodness, my first draft was bad!! XD

I’m an introvert, (INFJ-t) I love reading and writing (Obviously XD), I’m a historical nerd, with historical fashion being my absolute favorite, and weaponry a close second. (Combining the two is glorious, trust me. *glances at notes where I was endeavoring to figure out how one could weaponize an Edwardian evening gown.*)

I’m a digital artist, which means I draw while I should be studying XD

I have never seen a single superhero movie, so you’re one ahead of me XD *Awaits the booing* And, if you couldn’t tell, I also love parentheses.

What genres do you write? What’s the synopsis of your current WIP? (if you have one?) What are your favorite books and what’s your favorite part about your WIP?

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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