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Thanks for the follow! And thanks for taking the quiz! I was Paul too the first time I took it, but I took it again the other day just for fun, and that time I got Temira, lol. So I guess a bit of both? XD

That website is a ton of fun to make quizzes for your WIP!!

I had the same thing, I made a quiz for my characters and got different answers each time! Well, a bit of both is good! 🙂

Yes, it’s really fun!!

Oh, goodness. It sounds like there are a LOT of things the series messed up!

I’m with you – I love female characters in unique roles, but a storyteller’s got to make it work. There has to be a plausible reason the Strong Female Character is in her role and why she’s strong – and it can’t be just because she’s a knight. (Sorry if that made absolutely no sense. XD)

For the life of me I can’t figure out how a theme of inherent goodness can work with a bunch of good-for-nothing characters. Ughs.

Exactly! I totally get what you mean! Actually, I much preferred the female characters in the book, (especially the second one) because they were actually doing stuff that male characters couldn’t and adding depth to the story! I must admit, the female characters were the tiniest bit shallow in the first book, they just didn’t get enough screentime. Still, I prefer it!

And yes! Consistency is key! If half the army is women (Have actually read that) then you need a plausible explanation as to why they deviated from the cultural norm. (Which was established to be all-male armies.) Soo… you do need to think about why that works.

I have nothing against sword-swinging warrior ladies in fantasy. (Actually, it’s one of my all-time favorite tropes, as long as it doesn’t stray too far into Not Like Other Girls territory) But I also really enjoy the female characters who don’t like the spotlight, or who don’t know how to handle weapons and have no desire to. They’re just as cool!

I actually recently added a character to my first book and I really, really like her. Her name is Nebiah, she’s Gavril’s love interest, and Liorah’s opposite in most ways. She’s gentle, girly, quite reserved, not particularly strong-willed or intimidating, and has never held a sword in her life.

Now, that’s the perfect setup to use Liorah and Nebiah as foils for each other and make some conflict there, but I decided not to. There’s already plenty of conflict, and they can be foils while they’re friends. Honestly, I’m so happy I made that choice. It makes me so happy to see Liorah and Nebiah (who is basically the representation of “Other girls”) getting along and supporting each other and being awesome together.

That really sucks that they made such a wreck of a book series you love. I know that feeling all too well!

I’ll look into the books and add them to my never-ending TBR.   Thanks for the recommendation!

Exactly! It’s such a pain!

Please do! They’re basically legendary in the Netherlands but vastly underrated outside of it! I’m sure you’ll like them! 🙂

It is, it is. I’m very much drawn to the villains who have a good and hopeful start, but end up descending into insanity. Insanity, to me, is like a living death sentence and it’s so sad! It’s pretty tragic to see the gradual downfall. I think Claude Frollo is a really tragic character. Yes, he was horribly evil and did terrible things – that can’t be denied – but what makes is sad is that I always think, when reading the part of his love for his younger brother and his compassion and kindness toward Quasimodo, “Wow, he really did have potential to be a good person.” It’s such an interesting arc, like you said!

Exactly! Villains with the potential to be good are the most interesting! Actually, most of my villains fall into that category XD I was writing a piece about the main villain just a few days ago and it was so weird because the POV character couldn’t quite decide whether she liked him or not. He was kinda intimidating, but not outright pure evil, because the POV character wasn’t a direct enemy of his. I thought it was kinda interesting!


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