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Joelle Stone

This is going to be like OOBER quick ’cause I don’t have much time. XD

Title: War of the Realm series by Chuck Black

Likes: I went into this thinking that I’d probably end up disliking his writing style, since I’ve read a few of his other books and been a little disappointed that the plot was so great but the writing was so bad.


Not only were the plot and characters amazing, but the themes were strong, the structure was stupendous, and the prose stupefying. So. Read the books.

(Also, the main love interest has a point of not dating. *squeals* You don’t see that every day!!)


There were moments when things seemed too slow or even a little cliche, but for the most part there were really no dislikes for me.

Main Lesson(s):

“It’s wrong to do nothing when you can do something.”

There really is an invisible battle going on ALL around us.

God has a plan.

Christ is the key.


Thanks for the tag, Rose!

"For love is strong as death." -God

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