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Buddy J.

@imwritehere1920 – I’ve not seen the movie yet, but I want to! Also, for some reason I said The One And Only Ivan when I meant The One And Only Bob. TOAOI was amazing and beautiful, but TOAOB was masterful. As a sequel it is extraordinarily deep and meaningful, far surpassing its predecessor in my opinion.

Also, I have not yet read either of those books, but I am intrigued. Very. Thank you!

– If the bar for growth is in the secluded category of basic essentials, then I might agree. But when talking about the law of diminishing returns, I think “the returns” that mean potential growth remain just as high and don’t diminish.

Every expert should ideally only see increasing depth in understanding nuance, contexts, and presentation. The teacher should become more like the student (with greater context). The expert becomes a child learning and playing (with more knowledge). This is one of the most essential patterns in not only creative endeavor but most any endeavor that humans sink themselves into.

I’m a teacher, and you’re a teacher. We both know the crucial nature of continued soaking up. AND we both understand and acknowledge that continued doesn’t mean constant. We understand that the best way to make continued soaking-up effective, is to not let the returns diminish. It’s pushing ourselves to the edge of comfort, soaking up more and more than we had, and never letting ourselves stagnate.

One of the key differences between an expert and someone with passing interest is that the expert can’t accept diminishing returns. He seeks those profits because that’s what it takes.

We know from Proverbs that knowledge and wisdom are calling out to us. Yet, we are responsible to seek out those calls and to unceasingly search for them.

While Proverbs deals very directly with insight and wisdom that deals with ethical dealings and right-standing before God, secondarily those principles apply to any kind of wisdom or insight that God sets in place for us to seek out and find. Given that Story Embers is based around the the concept of God and Christ in literature…I think we can hold ourselves to the same standards set by Solomon.

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