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@arindown Me too!  Or rather, I was in the middle of a lotr reread and then I got distracted lol.  Who is your favorite character?

I did see it!  I really, really love your charcoal work, especially the animal portraits 🙂

I think that I like stylized art.  I don’t do well with photo realism, and personally I think that it’s kind of… I don’t know, empty?  I have massive respect for people who have the patience and skill to create photo realistic art, but for me, a huge part of art is putting my personal touch on a piece.  What about you?

I don’t know if this is what you’re asking, but I mainly use colored pencils and markers.  I want to get into digital art, but I don’t have the best set up right now 🙁

*laughs as one fey*

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