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I totally agree with all of you! This was a great topic idea, Rose! I don’t think I’ve read any of these books y’all have mentioned (except LOTR), but I sure know which ones to avoid now! XD

I haven’t really done a whole lot of reading lately since life decided to pick me up by the feet and dangle me upside down, but I’m currently working through Ben-Hur. The author sure did his research: the book really brings the ancient world alive in my mind, and I can picture things so clearly! However, it is a little wordy, as most books from that time are 🙂 I think balance is needed with descriptions, and they ought to be immersive, showing rather than telling (of course). One of my favorite things in Ben-Hur is the dialogue — although the Egyptian can be pretty wordy 😛 I totally agree books these days need more dialogue. Dialogue is how we communicate, and should therefore be how characters in a book communicate!

Judah, the MC, is also pretty good, but he’s sorta like every other hero out there, lol. However, I do sympathize with him because he wants revenge (and I really wanna see him get it!). But the antagonist/villian! I want more Messala! He is so annoying and prideful but he is also so interesting and smart. From what I’ve read, he’s a great example of an antagonist: make them do something to the MC that affects them badly and always keep the antagonist a step ahead of the MC. But keep them interesting; give them multiple layers. Messala is a two-faced apple, and I think that is a great tactic.

I have also read The Hiding Place, the autobiography of Corrie Ten Boom. And just wow! Even if the events in that book were fiction, it would be impactful. But since its all true, its WOW. Corrie is a very lovable character: she is imperfect, but so very sweet. She tends to be a little impatient sometimes, and yet she is so funny. There is a perfect balance, and your heart really rips in two for her and her family. I love that book, and I love Corrie Ten Boom. If you want a great read, this is the book for you!

And that’s all I have for now! 😀

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