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Wait, Neasa my friend, you’re saying you don’t like villains with reasons for their evil? You just want villains that are shallow and do evil because evil is fun (aka, most Disney princess villains)? I’ll wait for you to answer before I start ranting. xD

Okay here’s what I actually mean. I think you misunderstood me there, or maybe I butchered my statement. Sorry about that😂 So obviously I don’t want all villains to be evil because they’re evil, that would be too boring. Lets get that out of the way. In fact, I really enjoy backstories for villains. The more tragic the better in fact. My only problem is the whole trend of sympathising with villains who have obviously done terrible things. I am totally here for a redemption arc, but I don’t like it when the author goes like ‘yes that person killed people and did all kinds of terrible things but its OKAY because THIS THING happened to them in their past so its fine now!’ I want to understand the villain’s reasons and motivations, but I also think writing a villain and then justifying their terrible deeds isn’t good writing. In my opinion. And I’m so not a fan of the trend in disney to make solo films about the villains and make them ‘empowering’. Of course feel free to disagree 🙂

But I do actually very much enjoy the Classical Villain trope from time to time just because they are generally fun to write😂 like Sauron in LOTR and the White Witch in Narnia are total classics. But mostly I give my villains motivations and reasons as to why they are the way they are. I hope thats clear enough.

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